USA. Overhaul to inject more AI in your transportation


Overhaul, a Supply Chain Integrity platform -read cloud based TMS- with headquarters in Austin, Texas and Dublin, Ireland, has raised $17.5m (€16.3m). It plans to use that money to grow – possibly triple- its team (50 strong currently) in 2020, broaden its product offering, and boost its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capacity. With a platform integrating data from such sources as cargo sensors, temperature monitoring devices, fleet telematics, trailer systems, AI is used to, among other things, detect supply chain noncompliance, normalize event detection, profile devices, and ultimately apply the information to customers’ configurable workflows. In the future, the company plans to build AI that profiles more than anomalies. “With the level of activity that is understood by our system, we have a treasure trove of data that can benefit many aspects of our customers’ organizations” said a company spokesperson, “Clients have been able to investigate and improve asset utilization, provider performance, quality control, and even customer service … Our goals are to provide such unexpected discoveries for our clients through our data products. In order to do so confidently, it’s important that we carefully validate the data and the models we build around it”. Since its founding in 2016, the company has raised over $27m.
Source : Venture Beat