USA. Hydrogen Arrives in Truck Stops


TravelCenters, America’s largest publicly traded truck stop with 270 plus locations, is forming eTA, a new business unit aimed at providing truckers with alternative energy solutions. It will work with hydrogen-powered truck company Nikola to develop a network of hydrogen refueling stations along the country interstates, beginning with California where two stations on Highway 5 will also receive FreeWire Technologies electric charging stations. eTA is also expanding the availability of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) with a plan to make it available on all of its fueling lanes by 2022, and in investing in biodiesel blending infrastructure in order to make the clean fuel more widely available in California and Oregon. “We were already working on some of this,” TravelCenters Chief Executive Officer Jon Pertchik said explained “We’re just trying to pay attention to demand”. While he acknowledges that natural gas is a viable option, Mr Pertchik believes hydrogen power will supplant the electrical alternative for long haul trucking as heavy batteries limit the admissible payload as well as the range of the truck. This initiative comes as the State of California is requiring truck manufacturers to produce at least some CO²-free vehicles by 2024 according to the Wall Street Journal and coincides with the Biden administration’s plan to spend $174 billion to stimulate the development of electric vehicles in the USA. The first two hydrogen fueling stations should be operational in 2023.
Source: WSJ
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