USA. DHL to deploy a swarm of LocusBots


Partners since 2017, DHL and Locus Robotics are poised to expand their collaboration in North America. According to Tech Crunch, DHL Supply Chain has announced it will deploy a further 1,000 order fulfilment LocusBots from the Massachusetts-based startup on 10 new sites, bringing the number of Locus-equipped facilities from two to 12 in the coming year. “DHL Supply Chain’s initial implementation of the Locus solution within the life sciences and retail sectors was a tremendous success; we saw increases in fulfillment productivity of up to 80% in selected customer operations,” DHL Retail President Jim Gehr said in a release. “We now see an opportunity to extend the benefits of utilizing their highly flexible AMR solution at scale for customers across multiple sectors. We look forward to continuing to work with Locus to drive productivity, support capacity growth and deliver continuous improvement within our customers’ supply chains nationwide”. Click here to watch the LocusBots operating at DHL North America warehouse.
Photo : ©LocusBot
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