INDONESIA. The logistics industry is betting on Blockchain


In Indonesia, the Directorate General of Customs and Excise has recently announced its logistics sector will be using Maersk’s TradeLens, which is powered by IBM’s Cloud andBlockchain. This initiative is, according to Tech Wire Asia, part of the country’s plan to reduce logistics inefficiencies and shipping costs. The country hopes to be able to cut through legacy data systems and manual document handling, ultimately increasing efficiency by as much as 15%, an ambitious figure in an industry that operates on slim margins. Another Blockchain benefit Indonesia is after is transparency: “Blockchain allows us to use single documentation where everyone involved in the supply chain can see the data. As such, there is less room for foul play and need for middlemen. With easier logistics processing, the ease of doing business rank will go up too” says Agus Sudarmadi, the office’s Information and Technology Director. Indonesia ranked 46th out the 160 countries assessed in the World Bank’s 2018 Logistics Performance Index, trailing significantly behind the region’s trade giant, Singapore (ranked 7th). Indonesia had also scored lowest for customs efficiency, such as clearance speed.
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Photo : Port Jakarta (source