CHINA. Decathlon Optimizes Order Fulfillment with Manhattan Scales


French sporting goods retailers Decathlon has rolled out Manhattan’s Scale WMS to optimize order fulfillment across three of its B2C ecommerce warehouses in mainland China. With the recent boom in ecommerce, resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Decathlon’s physical stores experienced low traffic during the quarantine period while online orders surged sharply. This presented a number of challenges, including ecommerce order fulfilment, inventory management and warehouse labor shortages. Launched in just three months, Manhattan Scale now provides a unified platform that is “easy to implement, manage and upgrade”. Indeed, within the Manhattan cloud, annual upgrades provide the next version of an application each year so one can automatically take advantage of new features and functions. With Scale, Decathlon China was able to “streamline its ecommerce order fulfillment capabilities, improve the efficiency of its supply chain and distribution networks and maintain a consistent and excellent shopping experience for its customers” says Manhattan Associates. Decathlon entered the Chinese market in 2003 and has since opened stores in the country’s top 100 cities. In all, it has more than 1,600 retail stores worldwide and serves customers in more than 60 countries and regions.
Photo: ©Decathlon Luoya
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